Effective Data Science and Analytics for UK Insurance Brokers and MGA’s

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How Can We Help Your Brokerage or MGA?

We grew up helping UK brokers and insurers.
The work we do with them revolves around three key themes.

Drive Revenue

This can be a simple as creating a ‘single-view’ of your clients (SVC) – across time and product lines. You can then use your SVC to identify previously hidden revenue opportunities.

On the more complex end of the spectrum lies AI and machine learning. A typical scenario would see both being used to determine each client’s propensity to buy. And the make suggestions for the next-best product to offer them.

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Improve Operations

Imagine streamlining your client contact cycles and timeframes by knowing the optimal time to call triggers renewals, upsells, or cross-sells.

Gaining operational efficiencies and reducing costs is also possible through an effective data project.

Being able to pinpoint where effort and money are being wasted gives you the power to deploy those savings elsewhere in your business.

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Enrich Your Data

Extend your insights into your customers and prospects by leveraging our powerful and massive anonymized datasets.

A typical use case is identifying geographic target segments that closely match your most profitable customers and leads.

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