Enrich you Data

Better data drives better decisions.

The power of your data is dramatically magnified when it’s enhanced with our anonymised data from over 12 million insurance quotes and buyers.

When we carefully blend this dataset with your existing data about prospects and customers, completely new insights emerge.

Three common uses are:

Untapped Markets Analysis

Using a combination of demographic and psychographic data overlaid with your customer data we can identify markets that have similar profiles to subsets of your existing customers.

For example, your data can be analysed to identify characteristics of your best or most profitable customers.

These characteristics can then be used to identify additional markets (geographic or demographic) that have similar characteristics but that you aren’t currently targeting.

This can identify entirely new pools of leads for you pursue.

Market Penetration Analysis

Using a similar approach, your data can be used to identify profile traits of specific segments of your existing customers.

These segments can be applied to data we have on those markets to assess how much of each potential market your are currently penetrating.

This allows you to assess if there is continued growth in those markets or if perhaps focus should be applied on new markets with the same profile.

Lead Prioritisation

We can use our datasets to enrich your data to build a model that predicts the propensity of a new lead to close.

This allows for effectively dealing with new leads in the best manner.
For example, the leads with a highest propensity to close are assigned for immediate follow-up, or are assigned to your most effective team members.

And perhaps, low propensity leads are assigned to new team members where they can safely train.

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