Data Analytics

The Data Analytics phase of becoming a data-driven company provides the foundation for succeeding with data.

You know there’s huge value in your business data.  The problem is that it seems a struggle to capture and leverage the value of that data.

Answer the burning questions

Clearly defining the specific objective of your data efforts is the foundation to success in any data project or process.

We help ensure we all understand the questions that are to be answered.

This is also where the foundation for the success of your data project is created by clearly defining success metrics so you know when your project has succeeded.

Find out what data is available

Sounds simple – but the fact is that it’s quite tricky.

You have data hiding in various systems – accounting, CRM, ERP, spreadsheets, helpdesk, tickets, invoicing and many more, as well as there being many third party data sources available to augment your first party data.

Our process makes it effortless to identify what data you have at your disposal and where it’s located.

Identifying your data capacity

Once you’ve identified what data you have and what data is available it’s time for a hard look at the capacity of this data to provide answers and insights.

Data traits such as cleanliness, accuracy, consistency, and granularity may limit the accuracy of type of insights available.

Knowing this early allows you to iterate back on your burning questions, supplement your data where needed, or take other action to ensure your data project is successful.

Insight gleaning

This is where your data tells us the story its been hiding.

With a combination of statistical methods, business analysis, AI and data science, we compile, cross-compare, slice and dice your data to glean insights that will answer your Burning Questions.

This is where the value you know is locked in your data comes out and you can leverage those insights into action.

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